How to get Dreamy/Whimsy/Beautiful/Shallow DOF/bokeh

By Tori

“How do you get your images looking so soft and dreamy?” — This is a question I get asked numerous times so here is a little insight on exactly what I do. It’s so easy to do when you know how!

It goes without saying, but 99% of ‘softness’ comes from in camera, or lens, to be exact.

Firstly, lets just go over a common misconception. Bokeh & DOF are DIFFERENT.

DOF refers to the sharp/in focus area that is between the OOF (out of focus) area. Bokeh refers to the quality of the blur. See Depth of Field & Bokeh on Wikipedia.

There are three main factors to creating beautiful, shallow DOF:
1. A lens with a wide aperture
2. Manipulation of available space
3. Focal length


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